Our Story

We are working on the development of sports marketing where we focus on owning and organizing sports events.
We also work on investing in facilities, events and human and social sports resources in a way that serves all the direct parties in the sporting process including institutions, individuals and non-direct parries from all society sides.
We are focusing on raising awareness of sports, which will in turn reflect the development of Saudi society in line with the vision of 2030 for His Royal Highness Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
We seek to activate sports marketing and trying to develop business and sports consultancy by working to establish a serious and true relationship between the sponsoring company and the club or sport event. We also aim to increase brand awareness and achieve customer confidence and loyalty.

Our Vision

Since our start we believed that sport is not just a normal thing... Sport today has become one of the most important investment sectors in the world and has attracted many companies because of its overwhelming popularity base in all sectors. From this point, we have moved to be the good hand and the starting point for those who wish to ensure that their brand reaches the largest possible class of people by working actively with partners to develop sustainable long-term relationships.

Our Mission

We focuing on sports professional marketing for people and facilities working in this field and work to attract the public and mediators and seek various agreements with leading figures in the world of football for the economic benefit of the parties.

Our Services

Help you grow your business through conferences, seminars, permanent or temporary membership and other platforms until your business reaches the stage where you will ensure success and profit for you and us, as well as sponsoring teams and sporting events.

Our Goals

-Support economic growth and activating new aspects and activities.
-Consider and take the current members of the club as a very important element of investment.
-Create a new and successful method to enhance the loyalty to the club.
-Raising club sales to a high level.
-Increase the interaction between the target audience and the club to the maximum to make it a sustainable source of income.
-Highlight all victories, social and sporting events, and even actions that take place in the daily sports life of the club.
-Attract the target audience (especially young people) to make the club and its activities part of their daily lives and follow it as a way of life.
-Raise the popularity of the club and sporting event among the target audience to become one of the leading names and successful brands.

Our Gallary